Born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio, Pastor Mike accepted the Lord as his Savior in his mid-20s and has been on fire for the Lord ever since. In 1979, he married his lovely high school sweetheart Phyllis at the age of 23.  Together, they moved to Tennessee in 1990 and Mike began working for General Motors.  With much joy, Mike and Phyllis welcomed their daughter Savannah into the world in 1994.  While Mike was still working for GM, the little Gibson family became deeply rooted in Middle Tennessee as they helped guide and grow several local churches over the years. Retiring in 2016, Mike felt God calling him to Pewitt's Chapel.  Now he is blessed and honored to call Pewitt's Chapel his church home and serves faithfully with Phyllis at his side and his daughter Savannah leading the youth group.  Pastor Mike and his congregation would love to welcome you to Pewitt's Chapel -- so come visit!  


"I believe God has led me here to grow this church.  Come as you are.  We will love you and welcome you."

                      - Pastor Mike Gibson