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Pastor Delbert Ragsdale was born in Williamson County and grew up in church.  He was called to preach in 2008.  His desire is for the church to be as a beacon to the community where everyone is welcome and loved!  He has a servants heart and loves his people!  But most of all he loves his Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!  He married the love of his life Charity in 2019.  He enjoys telling the world about his Lord and gets excited about the word of God!  We are a church that stands for what's right but meet people where they are and try to lift them up!  We have community gatherings where we enjoy meeting our neighbors and celebrating events!  Please know that we want each and everyone who visits to feel at home here at Pewitt's Chapel!


"The Lord brought me to this church and I instantly felt like it was home, where I was meant to be!"

                 - Pastor Delbert Ragsdale

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